Green Cleaning Products

We’re proud to announce we are now using the most revolutionary development in dry cleaning solutions over the last 50 years! This solution called SolvonK4 produced by Kreussler textile care is partially derived from corn and has all the fantastic cleaning properties found in older solvents. All the corn processed at their plant comes from over 150 family-owned farms in Minnesota!

Dry cleaners are aware of the negative opinions consumers have towards the industry, including groundwater and air contamination, expensive cleanup and human health risks to employees and customers. Our solution is non-toxic, bio-degradable, halogen-free with no risks for ground, water, or air contamination. This new bio-based formulation is the first and only solvent produced in part from plant based renewable resources.

It is our commitment at Wolf’s Cleaners to do our part to ensure a cleaner environment for our community. To learn more about our true green cleaning solution please follow this link

Green Technology

In addition to our non-hazardous, bio-based cleaning solutions, Wolf’s Cleaners also utilizes cutting edge hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines. In Fact our newest machine that was just installed in August offers the latest in green technology and in combination with our Solvonk4 makes us a leader in green alternative cleaning. Our hard working investments we make in eco-friendly technology not only keeps our team and customers safe, it also ensures a better environment for all our future generations.

To learn more about how Wolf’s Cleaners promotes a safer environment for everyone, reach out to us via our Contact page.